Our Infrastructure

  • Adequate number of Lecture and Seminar rooms
  • Anatomy and Physiology Lab
  • Exercise Therapy Lab
  • Electro therapy Lab

Department of Cardiac Rehabilitation, Neuro Rehabilitation & Orthopedic Rehabilitation
These departments are provided with 750 sq.ft area. They provide facilities to the students for learning physiotherapeutic techniques & practice during their clinical postings with the well-equipped therapeutic equipments. We tone their clinical skills and make them expertise practitioners with the prime motto “Cure with Passion, Care with Compassion”. Our institute emphasizes to educate and train the students to independently evaluate, diagnose, plan and practice physiotherapy in a competent manner towards the patients, with autonomy in quality assurance and humanitarian approach to the treatment.

Academic training

AV Aid Lab

This lab is equipped with various electronic devices for the effective teaching & learning such as LCD projectors, overhead projectors, T.V, V.C.R, C.D Player, Tape recorder etc…



Full-fledged library, books and journals (National & International) available in all disciplines
Slide Projectors, LCD Projectors, Over – Head Projectors, Tele Conference (Satellite Programmes